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"This ten-session graduate-level course will equip participants with the following: an awareness of the barriers presented by “traditional” print instructional materials; an understanding of the importance of flexible and accessible learning…

Tutorials for learning more about the internet from the folks at

Websites, just like buildings, can be designed to meet the needs of all people, including those with disabilities. Unfortunately, most current web pages contain major access barriers. This site was created to promote awareness about the need for…

Nice summary and links from a 2006 panel presentation titled University Teaching and the Challenge of Universal Design: Making Knowledge Accessible in the Digital Age.

DO-IT provides links to programs and projects for precollege and college students with disabilities and for advocates, educators, administrators, and employers.

DO-IT, a University of Washington sponsored initiative, creates and distributes an extensive collection of resources for people with disabilities and their advocates, educators, and administrators.
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