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Materials on this website are designed to increase awareness of how people with disabilities can be successful in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). They also help other programs make their web and print resources, courses, and…

A handbook produced by faculty at the University of Toronto at Scarborough with the goal of helping educators learn how to incorporate considerations of disability into teaching through principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID). The…

An outcome of Katheryne Staeger-Wilson’s participation in the Universal Design Leadership Institute, this paper advocates for Missouri State University to make a commitment to universal design and teach faculty how to incorporate principles of…

An overview of the learning styles model and implications of learning styles for instructors and students.

A 44-item questionnaire to help determine learning style preferences and their implications.

A collection of essays designed to introduce readers to the concepts of Universal Design (UD) and Universal Instructional Design (UID). Chapters authored by faculty members are intended to provide insights into teaching strategies that can be…

This article describes how the principles of Universal Design can be applied to academics through Universal Design of Instruction (UDI). UDI helps instructors create classrooms that are accessible for all while also enabling them to offer specific…

Websites, just like buildings, can be designed to meet the needs of all people, including those with disabilities. Unfortunately, most current web pages contain major access barriers. This site was created to promote awareness about the need for…

Nice summary and links from a 2006 panel presentation titled University Teaching and the Challenge of Universal Design: Making Knowledge Accessible in the Digital Age.
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