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The attendance by Livescribe, Inc. at the 2012 AHEAD conference in New Orleans ignited interest for attendees to learn how smartpens benefit both students with disabilities and administrators of disability student services departments. Paul…

Academic Commons

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Academic Commons is a community of faculty, academic technologists, librarians, administrators, and other academic professionals interested in two interlocking questions: how do creative uses of new technology and networked information support the…

Carnegie Association for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CASTL)

The CASTL Program seeks to support the development of a scholarship of teaching and learning that: fosters significant, long-lasting learning for all students; enhances the practice and profession of teaching, and; brings to faculty members' work as…

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SciTrain U: For College Instructors who Teach Students with Disabilities

SciTrain University (SciTrain U) provides both in-person and web-based training for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) faculty. Funded as an Office of Postsecondary Education demonstration project SciTrain U is hosted by the…

What Do Autistic People Want From Science?

Forbes article addressing what autistic people themselves would like to see scientists emphasize in autism research.

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Presentation of 101 free online learning tools. Great resource!

Great free software doesn't necessarily mean open source. reviews the 48 best free software downloads from Microsoft. Prepare to be surprised!

Written by adminstrators at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock, this paper advocates the adoption of universal design and its guiding principles as an avenue for providing a quality educational experience to a diverse student body.

A Publication of: ATHEN - Access Technologists Higher Education Network. ATHEN is a professional association and network for access technologists who work in a higher education environment.

"This ten-session graduate-level course will equip participants with the following: an awareness of the barriers presented by “traditional” print instructional materials; an understanding of the importance of flexible and accessible learning…
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